Classic Car Heated Storage

Why Store With Us?
Saskatchewan winters can be brutal. Your expensive "Special" auto doesn't like -40 temperatures any more than salt and sand. You can rest in comfort knowing your car is in a climate controlled heated building. Our 2 acre lot has security fencing around the entire perimeter and security cameras are active 24hrs/day.

Classic Car Heated Storage

Storage Hints

  1. A clean car, with fresh oil/filter and full of gas is the best way to guard against corrosion.
  2. We have compressed air to top up tires in the spring but putting in an extra 6 - 10 lbs makes up for the usual 1 psi normal loss per month.
  3. We disconnect your battery for you and have chargers and tenders available if needed.
  4. You must carry your own insurance so don't forget to contact your insurance company accordingly. Talk to them about "Storage Only" rates as this can save you hundreds of dollars.
Storage Rates

Call or email us for our very reasonable rates because "Size Does Matter"!

  1. Yearly rates. In the spring, you can switch vehicles and store your winter driver or extra vehicle over the summer.
  2. Monthly rates available.
  3. Let us use our car hauler to pick up your car in the fall and drop it off to you in the spring. Call for rates based on your location.
Call us for heated boat storage pricing.

For more information please contact us by phone or e-mail.